Wildfire & Flooding Remediation Consulting

Flooding & Wildfire Air Quality Assessment

The Impact of Flooding & Wildfire on Albertans

Flooding, wildfires, and hail have deeply impacted Albertans, disrupting lives and properties. ASE Services has been a steadfast partner, facilitating the restoration process to ensure the safe return of residents and businesses to their spaces. Our comprehensive services, including wildfire air quality assessment, help preserve their well-being and peace of mind amidst these disasters.

Mitigating the Effects of Wildfires

Wildfires present significant health risks, particularly due to the long-term effects of wildfire smoke inhalation. Prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues, and increased infection vulnerability. In this context, wildfire air quality assessment plays a crucial role. Comprehensive air quality testing helps identify pollutants and contaminants in the smoke, such as dioxides and fine particulate matter. Additionally, surface testing can detect the presence of soot, ash, and char, ensuring a thorough cleanup. These assessments can mitigate potential health risks from wildfire air quality, allowing residents and businesses to breathe cleaner air and ensuring a safer environment for all.

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Flood destroyed mobile home park

Mitigating the Effects of a Flood

Following a flood, health risks arise from asbestos and mould contamination, making a hazardous material assessment crucial. From the aftermath of the  2013 High River flood, we know timely  water removal and drying within 48 hours are vital to prevent mould growth from water damage. Mould requires high humidity or water to thrive and can quickly spread on wet organic materials, causing damage and health concerns. If mould-contaminated materials cannot be effectively cleaned, mould removal may be necessary, with additional assessments like asbestos testing or lead testing, if applicable. With ASE Services, our assistance and guidance with assessment and cleanup processes ensure safe and healthy occupancy for homes and businesses within communities affected by flooding.





Project Management

Proactive Steps You Can Take After a Wildfire or Flood

After a wildfire or flood, taking prompt action is crucial. Turn to ASE Services for expert assistance after post-disaster cleanup. From offering our services during the 2016 Fort McMurray fire, we’ve guided individuals and businesses through the process, overseeing the safe removal of hazardous materials in accordance with the legislative requirements, conducting necessary air monitoring, and even assisting in applying for and overseeing a section 34 OHS demo for controlling hazardous materials. Count on ASE Services to provide the necessary support and expertise for a successful recovery after a wildfire or flood.

What You Need to Know

Understanding Our Testing Methods

Through air quality testing and surface testing, we ensure that harmful contaminants like carbon monoxide, sulfur, and nitrogen dioxides are detected and addressed. For homes and businesses, these two methods ensure properties are thoroughly clean, safe, and meet the necessary standards for re-entry.

Air quality testing evaluates pollutants in the air, ensuring compliance with standards, assessing risks, and informing decisions on air quality management and health protection.

Notably, air quality testing is perfect for checking if dioxides are present. Not only that but also for comfort parameters to ensure your property’s ventilation is working properly.

Surface testing assesses contaminants on walls, floors, furniture, etc. It involves collecting samples, analyzing them for pollutants, and identifying contamination sources. It ensures cleanliness and effectiveness of cleaning and is essential for maintaining a healthy environment.

Soot, ash, and char can settle into a home or business, leaving a layer of dust that should be properly cleaned. With surface testing, it can detect those as well as any dioxins and furans as well.

In some cases, an insurance company may be able to assist you with these efforts. It’s best to contact them to find out if there are any options available to you. At ASE Services, we can be there to discuss what this all means in detail with you and navigate steps moving forward.

You can find out by having us conduct hazardous materials assessments. We can help oversee the safe removal of hazardous materials in accordance with the legislative requirements through air monitoring, inspections and clearances.

When it comes to demolishing your property, it’s important to understand that Section 34 of the OHS Code, “requires that any building materials with the potential to release asbestos fibres must be removed prior to demolition.” However, if they can’t be removed, we can help in assisting in applying for and overseeing a section 34 OHS demo for controlling hazardous materials.

Steps Against The Effects of Wildfires

Many can be at a loss for what to do upon returning to their property after a wildfire. At ASE Services, we can give the guidance you need during such a trying time. From working alongside numerous insurance and restoration companies during the 2016 Fort McMurray fires, we’ve helped many that were impacted. By providing hazardous materials assessments to discussing available options for assisting in cleaning your home or business, we’re here to ensure your safety and health from every front.

Get Your Team Certified

Your essential personnel must receive the required training in order to enhance their awareness of and aptitude for spotting hazardous materials. We provide certification and government-approved, authorized awareness training for air quality hazards. Make a reservation as soon as possible!