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Air quality inside your building, where your workers or tenants work hard, is paramount to health and safety. Stay in line with government regulations and minimize workers’ compensation risks with effective air quality testing, no matter your project’s scope. Our air quality inspectors are ready to complete indoor air quality testing and thorough assessments in Calgary, Edmonton, and anywhere in Western Canada. 





What You Need to Know About Air Quality Testing

What’s Included

Alberta Safety & Environmental Services provides a comprehensive plan to address your indoor air quality. Protect your employees or stakeholders from harmful air pollutants, comply with government regulations, and ensure the safety of your employees. Rest easy knowing that the process is methodical, multi-phase, and planned for long-lasting results. We’ll start with an air sample analysis, a report, air monitoring for improvements, and grant air quality clearance on passed tests. From asbestos testing to lead testing, we’re comprehensive in our approach.

We’ll capture a full spectrum sample of your interior’s breathable air and detect levels of common contaminants – casting a wide net for safety’s sake.

You can expect detailed reports on the contaminant profile of your building’s breathable air, with descriptions and scales for tolerable and intolerable levels.

In concert with contaminant reduction plans, we’ll set up air monitoring devices to track progress and get your space ready for clearance.

After ruling out hazards in your building’s air, we’ll be ready to prepare clearance paperwork for your records, indicating your workers are safe from actionable contaminant levels.

Air Quality Inspections

If your air isn’t breathable, it can disrupt health and safety and grind your business to a halt. Don’t let your workers inhabit a hazardous environment. Air quality inspections are systematic, so you don’t need to worry once you call us for help. We act as the leading air quality inspector as our building air quality assessments are the most efficient way to get your building’s air quality tested – keeping you informed about quality in your working or break areas – so you can make informed decisions for the benefit of all your building’s stakeholders.

With a preliminary inspection, we can identify trouble spots in need of mitigation – to get a record of the problems encountered there.

As we conduct abatements, we can look out for your employees’ health and safety with close, daily monitoring, so we can adjust our methods if needed.

We’ll conduct another inspection to ensure that sources of contaminants have been taken care of and comply with all health and safety regulations.

After our remediation process is complete, we’ll ensure your business is running in compliance with regulations by having all issues addressed properly and criteria met.

Project Management

Our methodology is key to effective air quality improvements, and it’s decades of experience that have made air monitoring and inspections a core service of ours, benefitting your workers and your safety compliance.

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Trust Western Canada’s Team for Air Quality Testing

We are experts in indoor air quality testing and can help you ensure a safe and healthy environment for your employees. Indoor air quality testing requires a methodical, government-certified approach to comply with regulations and maximize the effectiveness of indoor air quality control. Our reputation and background have set us up to ensure your indoor air is breathable and safe.

If you are concerned about contaminants causing sick building syndrome, then an air quality test can be helpful in identifying the sources and types of indoor pollution – so it’s perfect for locating a broad spectrum of contaminants.

Sick building syndrome is when people develop symptoms of illness or become infected with chronic diseases from the building where they work or reside. The cause is unknown, but it’s attributed to the poor indoor quality and inadequate cleaning (e.g. poor ventilation or improperly maintained air conditioning systems).

It depends on your personal health concerns and on the specific air quality hazards in your work area – as well as the nature of your project. If you are worried about exposure to chemical pollutants, radon, asbestos, or other harmful substances, then having an air quality test is definitely worth it.

Get Your Team Certified

Your essential personnel must receive the required training in order to enhance their awareness of and aptitude for spotting hazardous materials. We provide certification and government-approved, authorized awareness training for air quality hazards. Make a reservation as soon as possible!