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Be aware of the hazards of asbestos in your workplace thanks to ASE Services. We offer specialized asbestos testing – apart from lead and mould testing – that effectively identifies and detects this deadly fibre within your Canada-based workplace. This is an important first step before creating a remediation plan to safely manage or remove the asbestos hazard. The result of asbestos removal is a safer workplace for everyone.



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What You Need to Know About Asbestos Testing

Why Testing is Important

Asbestos is a dangerous fibre that can cause serious health conditions, including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, which can lead to death. Individuals who work in asbestos-affected buildings are at a higher risk of exposure. These include building owners, employees, home inspectors, property managers, real estate agents. Workers like demolition and renovation contractors and labourers (plumbers, carpenters and electricians) are at direct risk. And if your building or workplace was built prior to 1995, an asbestos assessment and testing is necessary.

Asbestos is federally and provincially regulated. To ensure your project is in compliance, asbestos testing should be conducted on any area that may contain this material.

Asbestos testing ensures that any asbestos containing materials are identified prior to the impact and release of asbestos fibres into breathable air.

Asbestos exposure can cause severe health risks, including lung cancer and other diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. It is essential to determine if your building’s materials pose a threat.

When to Test

Asbestos inspection and subsequent testing must be done before starting any renovation, demolition, or building maintenance project, especially if the building was built or a renovation was completed prior to 1995, or if you are renting or buying a building. We act as a highly skilled asbestos building inspector as is demonstrated by our team who will conduct thorough testing of materials in areas of concern, followed by sample analysis to determine the presence of asbestos. Our asbestos testing services and detailed Hazardous Materials Report will list any materials with asbestos content and recommendations for next steps. For more information, please inquire about our Air Monitoring services.

Property upgrades, repairs or maintenance might result in asbestos exposure. Our asbestos abatement and removal management plans and approach can help secure your building, making it safer for employees, tradespersons and even residents.

Any construction work, such as cutting, drilling, sawing, scraping, removing, or sanding etc., can release asbestos into the air, exposing workers and individuals to this hazardous material. Testing before work begins can help prevent this from occurring.

Demolishing a property can release millions of asbestos fibres into the air, affecting surrounding areas and the public. Detection and safe removal are important to ensure the safety of everyone.

Asbestos Removal

If asbestos is identified, ASE Services can assist you in managing the risks by pursuing prompt asbestos removal. Working with you to tender a project, hire the right contractor for the job and oversee its removal and proper disposal with air monitoring, inspections and a close out package.  ASE will manage the stress and liability of these projects on your behalf.


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ASE Services has supported businesses throughout Alberta, Western Canada and the Territories since 2005, with offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge. As a certified asbestos inspector, we are experienced, knowledgeable and personable, offering flexible services and providing detailed reports and remediation plans that make your workplace safer. It’s this level of detail and trust that makes us the leading hazardous consultants in Alberta.

No. Although asbestos is highly restricted for use, it will not be fully banned until 2029.  Currently, only a small number of limited-use applications are allowed, and in some cases permits must be obtained. Residential and or commercial buildings cannot be built with or use asbestos in any form or capacity. Asbestos has been banned entirely in other countries, including the European Union, Argentina, Australia and many others.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fibre (fibrious rock) with two distinct groups.  Serpentine (wavey and flexible) group is the most common asbestos rock with only one type (chrysotile or white) and was used in the majority of products. The Amphibole (straight rod shaped) group has several different rock types; the most common are Amosite (brown) and Crocidolite (blue),  although others have been identified in other products in low percentages.

When determining the risk of exposure to asbestos and the potential for adverse health effects several factors must be considered. Some of the more important ones include the type and condition of the material, it’s ability to release fibre into the air (friability), it’s location, amount of time, and level of exposure, etc.

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We are glad to share our expertise through government-approved training, based on years of field experience recognizing and handling hazardous items in an official capacity. Making reservations as soon as possible is advised!