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Our team of professional consultants will perform thorough a hazardous materials assessment at your workspace for hazardous materials and contaminants’ presence – and provide you with a detailed report of our findings. Provincial occupational health and safety standards can be complicated, but still necessary. Don’t risk your safety – let us identify and advise on hazardous materials hindering your projects from our offices in Calgary, Edmonton & Lethbridge.

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Hazardous Building Materials Assessment

A hazardous building materials assessment is the process of identifying and evaluating potential hazards associated with a material that could be threatening your workers’ health. At ASE, we perform asbestos testing, lead testing & more as part of our hazardous materials assessment services. Our team of experts has sizeable and reputable knowledge and experience to assess any contaminant presence – ensuring that there’s a plan in place to help you stay within safe thresholds and regulatory compliance.

Indoor Air Quality

Let a trained eye spot more hazards in your workspaces within Calgary, Edmonton, and other areas spanning Western Canada. Indoor air quality can’t be underestimated as a broader part of health and safety, especially in the workplace. But we’re equipped with the knowledge to make your indoor air a lot safer. We’ll scan for some of the most severe indoor breathing hazards, including asbestos, mould, carbon monoxide, radon, lead (Pb), and other indoor air pollutants.


You’re not alone in facing the threat presented by hazardous materials. With decades of experience in tackling indoor health hazards, our systematic project management solutions carve a path to workplace safety – no matter what you’re working on.

The Importance of Hazardous
Materials Assessments


Hazardous materials assessments are essential for ensuring the ongoing safety of your employees, customers, and the public throughout the work of your project. Doing so will help you safeguard stakeholders, so you can complete the work without hinderance. Our experts also have the knowledge and experience to help you identify and manage any potential hazards needed as a part of your core services.


The most comprehensive and up-to-date hazardous materials assessments available are those that keep up with potentially changing regulations from various jurisdictions. We’ll ensure your workspace is compliant with hazardous materials regulations to avoid higher workers’ compensation premiums or project cancellation. Don’t risk your business or your bottom line; make sure you’re hazard-free.

Get Certified

Our hazardous materials expertise is driven by years of experience identifying and managing them in the field, in an official capacity, and we’re happy to lend that know-how to your organization’s safety officer. 

A Hazardous Materials Assessment includes hazard identification and assessment of risk to workers in the vicinity. It’s a comprehensive sweep of your worksite, from top to bottom and between walls, floors and ceilings, so you have intimate knowledge of any threats to those working and exposed to each hazard.

Substances like lead, asbestos, and mould can be hard to detect, hiding within your building and degrading its air quality. We use both simple and advanced equipment and knowledge to locate sources and unsafe levels in your building’s breathable air. Your day-to-day operations may also include some hazards, like flammable, combustible, or toxic materials. These materials require current WHMIS training for safer use. We train clients in managing these through training courses like the Asbestos Worker Certification course and the WHMIS 2015 course – in addition to our abatement project management services.