Hazardous Materials Assessments

Hazardous Materials Assessments

A Hazardous Materials Assessment helps determines if materials like asbestos, mould, lead, silica, PCBs, and mercury exist within your property. It is especially important to identify potential hazards in a building before starting a project that could impact these materials, like a renovation or demolition project. Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) also legislates that hazardous materials existing within a workspace be identified and properly controlled. Testing for materials such as asbestos and lead at the beginning of your project can save you time, money, and headaches.

Our Approach to Hazardous Materials​

A Hazardous Materials Assessment or Testing conducted by ASE Services includes some, or all, the following, depending on what you need: 


  • Thorough testing of building materials within the areas of concern
  • Sample analysis to determine the presence of hazardous materials
  • A detailed Hazardous Materials Report, outlining the steps to be taken to properly address found hazardous materials
  • Review of the Hazardous Materials Report with our experts
  • Development of a workplace Management Plan or Code of Practice
  • Training and oversight of your asbestos, lead, mould, or other hazardous materials projects

Get Your Team Certified

Our expertise is something we can transfer to a safety officer in your organization, for skills in recognizing and handling hazardous materials thoroughly, backed by decades of occupational health and safety experience.