Air Monitoring & Inspections

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During hazardous materials remediation projects, controls must be put in place to ensure that hazards, such as asbestos fibres, lead particulate, mould spores, etc., are not being released into the interior environment. Proper air quality monitoring and inspections during these projects is required to ensure legislative compliance.

ASE Services will conduct daily air testing of each work area during the project to verify that these hazards are being properly contained and that workers and building occupants are safe, and not exposed to harmful contaminants.

This includes:

  • Air quality monitoring and testing 
  • Analyzing air samples
  • Providing daily air testing reports
  • Air clearance sampling

ASE Services will set up air monitoring pumps with specialized cassettes at specific locations in and around the contained area to collect air samples. The cassettes will catch any fibres, particulates, or spores that have been released into the air during the abatement project. This specialized air monitoring and testing must follow specific legislative requirements.  ASE Services is well versed with these requirements to ensure full compliance. 

ASE Services will collect the air monitoring cassettes each day and then analyze them under a microscope to determine the amount of fibres collected. Using this information, we then calculate the amount of fibre concentration in the air.  Our in-house analysis of air samples allows us to provide results quickly and consistently to our clients.

ASE Services will complete daily air testing reports detailing all air sample results so that you know that your workers are performing their tasks within a safe environment. These reports will be posted on site.

As each work area is completed, ASE Services will take air clearance samples and provide a report that states that the area is safe for re-occupancy without exposure controls.

ASE Services will also complete daily inspections of each work area to ensure that abatement activities are performed properly and that they follow legislated requirements.

These inspections will include:

A pre-abatement inspection confirms that proper signage has been set up at the site, containment structures have been properly erected, water and power are available, industry rated vacuums and air exchange units are being used and have been tested, and that workers have been trained or certified to work in the restricted environment.

Each day during the project, ASE Services will review that the correct controls measures are in place, ensure that the work area is clean, and check that new workers are certified to complete the work, ASE Services will provide daily site activity reports to our client that provide a summary of that day’s work activities, the progress of that portion of the project, a summary of the air sampling results, and a confirmation that there is not concern with potential contamination and that work can continue in that area.

Final visual inspections of each finished work area is conducted to ensure the Scope of Work has been completed, to confirm that the area is clean, and to establish that the work area is acceptable for re-use or demolition.

Once the abatement project is complete and the safety controls have been removed, ASE Services will conduct a post-remediation inspection to ensure that signage, waste, equipment, and any other sign of remediation activity are no longer on site.

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