Asbestos Worker Certification Course & Training

It is important to ensure your employees are properly trained on how to safely work any hazardous materials that exist in your workplace. ASE Services has developed a wide range of training courses to help clients safely deal with hazardous materials within their work environment. Many of our training courses can be adapted specifically to address our client’s needs. ASE Services is also one of the few approved training agencies to offer the two day Asbestos Worker Certification course.

The courses that we currently provide include:

  • The Two Day Asbestos Worker Certification Course
  • Awareness Courses for Asbestos, Mould, Lead, Silica, and Other Common Hazards
  • WHIMIS 2015 (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems)

Please note: We need a minimum of 8 participants to run a private course. If you have fewer than 8 participants, please contact us to see when our next course is scheduled or to be placed on our wait list.

The Asbestos Worker Certification course is designed for workers who actively participate in the abatement of asbestos or hazardous materials. You will be trained on health risks, legislative requirements, safe work practices, personal protective equipment, containment design, and containment construction. Upon completion, each participant will receive an Asbestos Worker Certification Card that will be valid for three years.

Awareness courses are designed for workers who may potentially come into contact with hazardous materials as they perform their job tasks. These short courses are between 2 hours to 1 day and are completely adaptable to the client’s workplace. ASE Services can also create and present awareness courses on a variety of other hazardous materials on request.

Chemical products exist in every workplace. It is a legislated requirement for workers to be properly trained on how to safely handle these substances. ASE Services will design a comprehensive WHMIS training session that addresses the products that your staff is exposed to in your workplace.

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