Mould: More Likely to Grow in Calgary?

Mould is a common issue around the world. However, there are some cities, or climates that have better conditions to harvest mould growth. Unfortunately Alberta and more specifically, Calgary and Edmonton are two cities that experience extremely cold winters and hot summers – perfect conditions for mould growth.

These cold winters and hot summers contribute to the creation a perfect environment for mould. When ice and frost are on your windows they create moisture that often seeps down your walls. With winter often lasting over four months this can lead to entire walls being warped with mould.

Cold conditions also cause issues with pipes. With cold weather pipes can burst or break and leak moisture into the home without you even noticing. This leakage can also create a perfect environment for mould. The best way to deal with moisture in your home or office is to have an air quality specialist investigate the quality of air to ensure you are not being exposed to mould. To read more of the article Calgary Home Inspectors: Why Mold Is More Likely to Occur in Calgary follow the link

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