ASE Services Hired in Calgary Housing Industry

Alberta Safety & Environmental Services is hired for hygiene and air quality services in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta (January 2011) – Alberta Safety and Environmental Services (ASE Services) was hired today to provide hygiene and air quality services as well as hazardous materials management for the housing industry in Calgary. With experience in hazardous materials management and air quality control they were the ideal selection to ensure health and safety within this industry.

ASE Services was hired for their expertise in hygiene and air quality services and hazardous material management. For this contract they will be providing these services for buildings that are being renovated or scheduled for demolition. “This is a contract that we are confident and excited to work with,” explains John MacDonald, President and CEO of ASE Services, “the monitoring and management of air quality and hazardous materials in situations where renovation or demolitions are occurring is extremely important.”

With many years of experience in these areas ASE Services is highly capable of providing these services to ensure the highest level of health and safety within the housing industry in Calgary. “We hope that more companies in Calgary will take similar precautions when conducting renovations or demolitions,” conclude MacDonald.

About ASE Services

Alberta Safety and Environmental Services (ASE Services) is a professional, experienced, and results oriented environmental health, safety, and hygiene company. We specialize in helping our clients identify and address hazardous material concerns, with a focus on mould and asbestos. With over 30 years of professional industry expertise, ASE Services has successfully assisted with, and/or managed, over 1500 hazardous materials projects that range from small scale residential to million dollar commercial contracts.