Hazardous Materials Assessments

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A Hazardous Materials Assessment helps determines if materials like asbestos, mould, lead, silica, PCBs, and mercury exist within your property. It is especially important to identify potential hazards in a building before starting a project that could impact these materials, like a renovation or demolition project. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) also legislates that hazardous materials that exist within a workspace be identified and properly controlled. Testing for materials such as asbestos and lead at the beginning of your project can save you time, money, and headaches.

A Hazardous Materials Assessment or Testing conducted by ASE Services includes some, or all, the following, depending on what you need: 

  • Thorough testing of building materials within the areas of concern
  • Sample analysis to determine the presence of hazardous materials
  • A detailed Hazardous Materials Report, outlining the steps to be taken to properly address found hazardous materials
  • Review of the Hazardous Materials Report with our experts
  • Development of a workplace Management Plan or Code of Practice
  • Training and oversight of your asbestos, lead, mould, or other hazardous materials projects 

A lot of people are unaware that in North America, asbestos containing materials were used up to and including the early 1990’s, and lead containing paints were being used as recently as 2015.  This is why testing for these materials is so important for anyone planning a renovation or demolition, especially if it was damaged due to weather, fire, or flood.  

While testing, ASE Services will collect samples throughout the building, or in the specified area, to determine if they contain hazardous materials. These small, representative samples are sealed in properly labeled containers and taken from areas that will be unnoticed. The type, location, and condition of the materials is identified, and a photograph of each sample is taken.  If quantification of materials,  or a budget needed for a planned project, ASE Services will be happy to provide that information.

All samples collected by ASE Services are analyzed by properly accredited laboratories and the results measured against legislated or industry guidelines. Sample analysis tells us if a sample contains a hazardous material (such as asbestos, lead, or mould etc.), and the amount and concentration of each substance. The condition of these materials will also be observed to assist in determining the potential for possible resident exposure.

A Hazardous Materials Report may contain the following, depending on what you need:

The different types of hazardous materials that exist within the building. Asbestos, lead, mould, etc. type, concentrations, and conditions 

Diagrams that show where sampling happened and where the identified hazardous materials are found throughout the site

Photographs of the samples collected

Recommendations on how to manage the hazardous materials safely, and within the guidelines of current legislation.

ASE Services will discuss the results of our assessment with our client and provide recommendations on how to properly manage or remediate the hazards. We will assist with creating a plan to either remove the hazardous materials or manage them so that these areas are not accidentally impacted creating exposure concerns for building occupants.

Most provinces and territories have a legislated requirement to develop a “Code of Practice” or Management Plan to address hazardous materials and develop exposure control measures that are identified within the workplace.  ASE Services can help you in the development and implementation of your company’s management plan or Code of Practice today. 

After all of the information on hazardous materials has been collected and presented to you, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming on what the next steps are.  ASE Services can train your employees on how to safely manage any hazardous materials that will remain or assist you in managing any renovation or demolition project that may impact hazardous materials.

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